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my friend is CONVINCED he is the one who brought on post limit. a few years ago he was reblogging a single picture as fast as he could as many times as he could and then the server crashed and ever since then people started hitting a post limit

its his fault we go through this

if you were wondering this is the image image



i luv it when im reading marx and he does these cute little exclamation points whenever hes criticising someone (esp john stuart mill) and he puts a ! after his criticism, likes hes incredulous of these damn liberals and their shitty ideology. that tiny ! is basically saying “can you BELIEVE this nerd”



Oh and I also drew ’s Valencia.

I’m so horribly sorry if i butchered her

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OHM Y GOD!!! ; ___ ; WHAT!! this is so great oh my gosh thank you so so much for drawing Val, this is so lovely and I absolutely adore it! so many nice things about this ahhh the colourscheme is so pleasant and her face is so good THAT EYELINER AND THOSE BROWS ARE SO SHARP I love it oh my god!! she looks so good oh my god checking out some girls behind those shades are we Val.. 8^) hahahaha oh man no but for real this totally made my night thank you SO SO much!! <33 ; 7 ;



You know when a fast angry song comes on that you know every word to and you’re in just the right mood that your eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive













A Glasgow nightclub has installed a two-way mirror which allows male revellers in private booths to spy on unsuspecting women as they visit the toilet! With no notification or signage anywhere in the venue many female club goers have been left feeling embarrassed and used. Although they do briefly show the mirrors in a promo video, the club has been quickly deleting comments and posts on their social media from club goers trying to alert others to the situation. This is pretty much illegal and hugley violates privacy. Thank you The Shimmy Club for giving us a shiny, new, creative and cool take on objectification.
article here

i’m never leaving my house again, this world is just too fucked up.


gross gross gross gross gross

Good morning disgusting.

Remember ladies:

  • “No space, leave the place” (fingernail test)
  • A two way mirror must be set INTO the wall, not placed on top of it.
  • If you rap/knock against the mirror, one installed onto a wall (a normal mirror) will make a dull sound, because there’s something behind it. A two-way will have more reverberation.
  • Use the flashlight on your phone to shine on the mirror, if it’s a two-way, you’ll be able to see into the other room.
  • You can also shield your eyes and see in if you lean up against the glass.
  • The room being viewed will have to be brightly lit (10x brighter than the room looking in), so if you’re in a typical dimly lit club bathroom, you’re ok.

boosting the fuck out of this

They have this in Continental Midtown in Philly, it’s fucking creepy and not cool at all

the most obvious solution i can think of is to break that motherfucker. what are they going to do? sue you for breaking something they shouldnt have had?

That’s fucking disgusting.

Hey, fellas. You ever feel like you have to check if you’re standing in front of a two-way mirror? Women do.


what fucking idiot perv is so desparate that they need to see girls washing their hands and adjusting their dresses secretly this is pathetic 

Just got hit with all three of these messages in a 30 second span.

I went from feeling so thrilled to have you all here

To so exhausted and less than thrilled. Totally deflated.

You all exhaust me with messages like this.

Please do not send them to me.

1) The only promotions I do are paid. not a chance at payment via a contest. But straight-up-paid-upfront. And even then only if I do genuinely like your blog.

2) Do you not know how to read an FAQ? You sent me a fanmail… you have been following me for at LEAST a week and a half.

3) It’s not idiotic, but again… I DO have an FAQ. Much of the advice applies to prospective cam-boys as well. Though you’ll have a tough time getting approved on sites like ELM which accept few male models. That’s literally the only advice I have to add to what’s already in my FAQ for baby camgirls. 

I don’t have the time to be your coach and teach you how I do my job. I taught myself and you can too. i didn’t even have the collection of resources in my FAQ when I started, so you already have a huge head start compared to me. Use the resources I’ve worked to give you. Please.

My porn isn’t my only or even primary source of income at present. I work anywhere from 45-55 hours a week, most of them 15 hour shifts. On my feet all day. i come home and I want to look at kittens and reblog gifs of my butt, not repeat myself to every person in my inbox who can’t navigate a website well enough to find an FAQ page labeled “My FAQ”

Just… pls.

If you can’t navigate my blog, you will never be able to manage to navigate a camming or clip site. Your endeavor is doomed from teh start. Sorry not sorry.


For everyone who has stuck it out and been active on tumblr and continues to follow my blog through all my ups and downs; thank you. 

You’re awesome and I appreciate your existence and presence in my life, even if it’s just to click that “like” button to show your support of my personal posts or whatever. 

And if you actually buy my content… you are beyond wonderful and kind. <3 Bless you.

Extra almost-twenty-dollars in my paycheck next week.

Pretty excited. 

Especially because at this rate I don’t think I’ll make bonus. :/

Anonymous ━

Hello! Is there a way we can buy your products and the money goes straight to you? Since I saw the clipva thingy and stuff earlier and was just wondering :)

In a manner, yes?

But it’s easier for all parties involved to just buy through one of the intermediary sites.

But if you’re really intent you can always send me an email to and I’m more than willing to discuss alternative payment options.

Sometimes I even accept gift cards as payment (if you weren’t following me during my last school semester, be prepared to recognize that when I’m in school I all but sell my soul for starfucks giftcards), but that’s usually only when I am well-off in terms of fluid cash.

Anonymous ━

You are so Gorgeous! And your voice is so adorable! You seem like you'd be a really good person to get to know.

Actually I’m really annoying to get to know, and once we become friends I sort of drop out of contact for months at a time and reappear in your life acting like everything was totally normal and fine, like no time has passed.

It’s why I don’t have many friends. :/